mandag 24. oktober 2011

Yay, Lena came to visit me! :D (Again!)

When Lena can`t be in her home in Australia, she comes to the Arctic! :D (read: home in the same way Svalbard is my home:)

Since I suddenly got thrown on a boat for 2 days when Lena just arrived, Lena got to join a trip up Platåfjellet to Varden with Lene and her visittor Aina :) While I was packing my zooplankton equipment, Lena got a awesome hike in beautiful weather! But I think Lena got a bit homesick when she discovered a kangaroo-sign up here!

But after my mini-cruise, we hiked to Sarkofagen :) You can probably see by the pictures that we had a lot of fun photo-shooting during the hike!

And of course the perfect way to relax after a hike is enjoying the fire at Firday Gathering ;)

PS: I have no idea what started to happen with the order of the pictures now, they don`t come up the way I upload them...

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  1. siw beate Kallevik24. oktober 2011 kl. 20:01

    Så flotte bilder! så ut som dåkke koste dåkke:D
    Hilsen Siw!