mandag 24. oktober 2011

Mini-cruise to Billefjorden

Suddenly I got the chance to join a mini-cruise to Billefjorden, to try to do some more sampling for my thesis. A little bad luck that this happened while I had a visit from Lena, so it was a goodt thing that it was only for 2 days :)

Me, Kristin, a PhD-student and a post-doc went out on the boat Farm to sample sea urchins, water samples (a lot of water samples!), zooplankton samples and collect some more of my precious Clione. On our day of leaving we discovered that the weather forecast said it would be fresh gale (5,5-7,5 m/s) wind during the day, and increase to strong gale (7-10 m/s) from north east. Which would mean we would definitly not be shelteren in the fjord, the glacier would nicely lead the wind directly towards our sampling places.

Some of the sampling were supposed to be taken during darkness, and because of some (minor) problems with euipment that sampling started pretty late... So we kept on working until 4 am, at which time we had a quick meal, steamed to Adolfbukta for shelter, and went to bed. The wind did definitly increase during the next day, whenever we tried to use the small zooplankton nets they were flying like wind-socks and sampling was more like trawling than vertikal columns. The waves where quite big to, no wonder I still felt the ground rolling when I got back on shore after standing hours trying to hold the watersampler levelled while the water was slowly drained and sieved.

The last sampling we did was to try to trawl for some Clione with the bigger zooplankton net, but we didn`t get anything... We were supposed to be back in the afternoon, but because of delay from last night, we didn`t start steaming back before 6ish. Crossing the entrance of Tempelfjorden was extreme! I had so much fun with all the sideways waves and wind rolling to boat! I couldn`t understand how the rest of the people even tried to sleep! I would have fallen out of the bed! I certainly fell out of the coach a few times, nice entertainment for the skipper :-P And during the darkness we got a radio call from a helicopter, test-flying in the strong wind. They asked if they could use us for a resque drill (after asking us what on earth we were doing out in those conditions). So we got a visit form the Governors helicopter! They kept flying about 10 meters above us, following our speed in the darkness :)

Oh, and btw, I got to try myself as a cheff on a boat! But only slightly, as I made the food the night before and heated it up again, but still funny to be stiring in pots while it was wavy!

So even though I didn`t get want I tryed to find, I had a really good time! It`s always great being out on fieldlwork, and whenever I get a boat trip it`s just awesome to be back on the sea! Sitting in darkness with full sideway waves is always a small kick!

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