torsdag 16. september 2010

Once upon a time there was a girl who wished to be a hunter...

I´m going to tell you the story about how Ida Helene became a hunter.

In a strange place far, far north, a strange girl decided that she finally wanted to take the hunters license. She waited and waited for the course to start, and when it finally did, it went on during the exam period. But this girl did not let her motivation stop by such a detail, so during a few weeks she both read for her exams and her hunters license. She passed all of it with no problems, and went happily home to visit friends and family during summer. Before she left, she made sure to apply for a hunting permission for a reindeer.But during the summer, she also made sure to apply for a weapon permission, which she got in time before she got back to her Arctic paradise.

When she got back to her Arctic paradise, she went strait to a cruise around Spitsbergen with her class. She was out of reach for cell phone and internet for several days, and she could not be happier. But then, when she reached Kapp Linnè, she was told that the hunter-permissions where given out, and she was anxious to see her hunting area. She logged on to her email, found the letter from the Governor, and got so confused when his answer were: you`re not officially a citizen of Svalbard yet, hence your hunting permission will not be given out yet. She got so confused of this message, and frustrated that she could not do anything about it, but she told herself that when she come back she will sort it out. Some how.

After the cruise, she handed in her citizen-papers to the Governor, but she knew she would not get the hunting permission before she pass her shooting test. At least she got to know in which area she would be allowed to hunt, and our heroine where really happy with the answer! she got just the area she was hoping for!

After finding a weapon of her desire, and after she recieved a gift from her mom (a rifle scope!), she went hopefully to the store to make them help her attach the scope. The two men in the store tried all sorts of combinations of gear to attach the scope, and after a lot of back and forth, they finally made it! So our hunter-to-be brought a friend with her and they biked up to the rifle range, in hope of adjusting the scope and aim so she could pass her shooting test. Our heroine and her friend had a lot of fun during the testing, and the scope was getting better and better adjusted (or so our heroine thought), until suddenly it jumped off the rifle! All the work and ammo used during the test was a complete waste, and nothing could be done about the scope there and then... Our heroine did not know what to do. Thankfully her friend managed to make her think a little straight again, and the next day she went back to the store to make the two men do a better job. It turned out that the two men had been so busy, they forgot to after-tighten the scope. She was promised a ride up to the rifle range, and then she managed to at least do her first official training shots. But now the scope had to be adjusted again, and she would need some hours of working with this.

Then, during what should have been a long school day, she got a ride up to the range again. Now she was all alone at the rifle range, just her and the aiming point. She had to admit that this was definitely a nice feeling. After some hours of shooting, her scope was well adjusted to her sight! She was so happy with her last series, that she decided to try to take the shooting test the next day.

She borrowed a bike, and after school went back to the range. She got really nervous while waiting for her turn, but she new that she had to complete the last training shoots before the test and that would be no problem. So she started to aim, focuse, did the first shot, and then her scope went black! She did not understand what happened, but she emptied the rifle for ammo, looked into the scope and could barely see anything... The supervisor told her that a ocular was misplaced, and the scope was destroyed. She could only take it off and finish the last training shots... A man at the range felt so bad for our heroine, that he offered her to borrow his rifle for the last training shots. So she did, and when she was finished, the man disappeared! She took her own rifle and the mans rifle, biked back to town, searched is cell phone number (since she new his name), and called him. He suddenly appeared again, and told her that he would not have any time to go hunting this year, so if she wanted she could borrow the rifle! Our heroine did not know what to say, except "Yes! and a million times thank you!" Our heroine was a little baffled, after first being nervous about the test, then being completely destroyed when her scope broke, and then being lucky enough to get another rifle to use. But now she had to hurry, because the dead line of the shooting test was due soon! She could not help but feel that she was not supposed to go hunting, as fate kept putting things in the way. Once again her friend had to step up and make her realize that she could not give up yet, she had come too far!

Luckily our heroine had a friend with car! She got back to the rifle range, really focused on aiming and adjusting the scope on the new rifle, and after some hours she had some pretty nice series of bullets! And her friend drove her up to the rifle range again, a couple of days later, and she would finally take the test! She had been nervous the whole day, but when she laid down on the mat, loaded the rifle and started to aim, she was utterly focused! She was quite happy with the shots, but was not sure if it was good enough for passing the test. The supervisor came up to her, and told her she passed! With a super collection, right as it should be! Our heroine did not fully understand this before she went back to Nybyen, found her supportive friend and told him what happened. She could not stop smiling the rest of the night!

Soon she went to the Governor with all her papers, and her passed shooting test and finnally got her permission! Now all she had to do was to wait for a day with good conditions to go hunting!

And our heroine swore to never bike to the rifle range again!

PS: The pictures at the range is taken by Mark

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