lørdag 14. august 2010

Terrestrial Arctic Biology-cruise Part 2

Our second landing was at Reinsdyrflya, still on the northern part of Svalbard. This half-island was much more vegetated than moselbukta, but this time we didn`t see any reindeers! I found some more footprint from polar bears though! And we still had the same great weather as yesterday!

The lake we found here was surrounded by marshes, and to my surprise I discovered that my brand new rubber boots was leaking! And of course I discovered this while standing completely stuck in the marsh while I tried to find some Lepidurus =P But, always prepared with extra woolen socks, this wasn`t any unpleasant surprise ruining my day =) (So thanks again to all those I got woolen socks from in Christmas!)

After we finished all our sampling at this site, we went back to the boat to have dinner. But we went ashore again to Biskaiahuken, were we visited a cultural heritage site. We found remains of 3 cabins, and some human graves... I should check out some litterature and see if this was a whaling-site, or a hunting place.

And this day we had dinner out on deck!

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