søndag 11. april 2010


Me and my classmates went to visit Svalsat, the satellite park here. This was an event of one of the classes I am attending here. The Svalsat system have about 20 antennas here at Svalbard, and 1 in the Antarctic. They download pictures from satellites, pictures that can be used for detecting oil spills at sea and much more. The globes you see on the pictures are build to protect the antennas from the harsh weather that can appear here. We, on the other hand, experienced the perfect day for a "field-trip", clear sky, sun and no wind, and an awesome view form the mountain plateau where Svalsat is stationed!

On the way up to Svalsat we went past The Seed Vault, which now contain seeds from important crop plants from all over the world, perfectly stored in the permafrost of Svalbard. The purpose of the seed vault is to save the world`s most important plants for the future. The only seeds inside which is not crop plants, is the seeds of the plants here at Svalbard. These plants are so peculiar, you find no one like them in the world, that these too have been stored.

It was a really cool visit, and it was fun to see the globes up close. Usually we see them from Trollsteinen mountaintop or the radiostation on the other side of Adventdalen valley, and then they look like tiny golf balls lying on the plateau =)

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