søndag 21. mars 2010

Enjoying the sun on the other side of Adventdalen

A perfect start on the weekend is a quick trip to the other side of Adventdalen valley by scooter! After being finished with class quite early, one of my friends suggested a trip up to the radio station to enjoy some sunlight and the view of the ocean. Clear sky and no wind, a lot of sun and an absolutely stunning view! Sitting there with a cup of hot chocolate in sunlight and snow covered mountains reminded me of Easter Holidays in my cabin =) No wonder I feel home here! It was amazing =D

None of us wanted to go back, it would have been so nice to sit there and watch the sun going down into the ocean =) Hopefully I will do that later, before the sun stays up 24 hours a day! But all of us wanted to join the Friday Gathering at Unis, especially I wanted to do that because I just bought my own slack-line and wanted to test it out! Hehe, since I ought a long rope, we put up a really long slackline!

Now I am really looking forward for Easter Holiday, hopefully I will get on a lot of trips! And no, I am not going home for the vacation, no way am I leaving a place like this for a week home! What´s the point of going back to the mainland when I got snow, skiis, scooter, sun and a cabin booked for the Holiday? At least no point when my boyfriend is coming to visit me, and I get a chance to show him how amazing it is here! =D

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